FontAgent® Pro Server Info Sheet

Server Performance and Reliability
  • Unparalleled architecture speeds font synchronization with little overhead on client workstations
  • Integrity manager stops corrupt and problem fonts from being added to the server, preventing crashes and output problems across the organization
  • Highly reliable architecture keeps users productive, even when disconnected from the server
Support for Multiple Font Libraries and Formats
  • Support for Multiple Font Libraries and Formats
  • Designers and printers can isolate customer fonts in separate libraries to ensure consistent and correct output
  • Single server manages multiple libraries
  • Server manages Type 1, OpenType, dfont, Macintosh TrueType, Windows TrueType and Multiple Master fonts
Distributing and Synchronizing Fonts
  • Client workstations synchronize with the server automatically at specified times
  • Users can manually access new fonts and resources with one click
  • Remote workers can synchronize with the server over the Internet
  • Fonts deleted from server are deleted from client workstations at next sync
  • Lock workstations to prevent unauthorized addition and deletion of fonts
Administering Fonts, Users, and Groups
  • Define users and groups, and assign them access to font libraries and font sets with a few clicks
  • Administer server with appropriate security credentials from any connected client workstation
  • Server logs provide audit trails of changes to server and client font configurations
Cost-Effective, Flexible Deployment
  • Broad server hardware support from dual G4 processors to G5s and Xserves. No dedicated server required.
  • Connects to any networked Macintosh client running Panther or Tiger versions of Mac OS X (versions 10.3.x or later)
About FontAgent Pro

FontAgent Pro, designed for creative professionals, provides a complete font management system that integrates diagnostics, repair, font selection, font book creation, and design tools in a single powerful, yet simple application.

System Requirements

FontAgent Pro Server requires Mac OS X version 10.3 or later, 30 megabytes of disk space and a server with at least 256 megabytes of memory. No dedicated server hardware required.

Pricing and Availability

For a limited time, Insider Software is offering a special introductory price of $995, a savings of $500 off the suggested retail price of $1495. In addition, owners of competitive products may qualify for a 50% discount off the SRP. Clients cost $129.95 and volume license pricing is available. Owners of FontAgent Pro standalone and workgroup edition are entitled to upgrade at special prices and should call Insider for more details. FontAgent Pro Server is available for order now.