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Web-Based Font Catalog for FontAgent Pro Server

Creative professionals like to shop for new fonts on the Internet. They can browse fonts, preview them in their native typefaces, and request the ones they want with a few clicks. But when your organization manages fonts centrally, you purchase font licenses and install them on font servers, which usually cripples the font-selection process and derails design projects… but not with FontAgent Pro Server and WEBSIWYG™ ("WEB-zee-wig").

The Interactive Enterprise Font Catalog

Using WEBSIWYG, you empower users to preview, filter and request fonts residing on your networked FontAgent Pro Servers -- without requiring them to install the actual font files on their client computers. So users can decide which fonts they need without having to install the fonts on their systems and without consuming a license to use the font. Using this approach, WEBSIWYG allows users to see fonts in their native typefaces while enabling IT, finance and legal departments to maintain control over font licensing.

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Preview Server Fonts over the Network

WEBSIWYG users just open a browser window to log in, explore available fonts, filter search results, and see expanded previews of the fonts they have selected.

Easy, On-Demand Font Access

To download a requested font from the server, users add it to their shopping cart. WEBSIWYG sends an email request to an admin who approves the request, issues the user a license for the font, and triggers the font for downloading.

Maintain Control of Font Licensing

WEBSIWYG enables users to preview fonts without requiring administrators to distribute the fonts to the users, thereby avoiding the unnecessary consumption of an available font license. Design departments and agencies can even grant read-only access to clients so they can participate in font-selection decisions.

Enterprise Class Power and Deployment

WEBSIWYG is a server-based online font catalog for users of FontAgent Pro Server. Offering one-click installation, WEBSIWYG is a J2EE application that can be deployed on Tomcat, Jetty, WebSphere, JBoss or any J2EE-compatible application container. It runs on Macintosh platforms and requires Mac OS X Server version 10.5 or later, 1 gigabyte of disk space, 512 megabytes of memory, and connects to FontAgent Pro Server. Users can access WEBSIWYG using internet browsers on a variety of computing platforms.