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FontAgent Pro Server 5

The scalable, proven, easy-to-use professional font server for departments, agencies and enterprises

FontAgent® Pro Server 5 is the world’s most advanced software for organizing, optimizing, distributing and tracking all your fonts. No technology does more to smooth creative workflow, bring consistent control, eliminate font corruption, and help you comply with your font-licensing agreements.

New in FontAgent Pro Server 5

The latest version of FontAgent Pro Server adds lots of new features:

  • Multi-threaded synchronization with networked client users for blazing speed
  • Track font usage by machine or user with browser-based reports
  • WEBSIWYG enterprise font book with request shopping cart shows fonts in WYSIWYG view
  • New industrial-strength J2EE server architecture that guarantees flexibility and power now and in the future
  • View font license agreements (EULA) from within the integrated license manager
  • New, easier, more robust Active Directory/Open Directory services with 256 bit encryption for extra security

Unbridled Font Management Server Power

Looking for power? FontAgent Pro Server 5 has it all:

  • A new, industrial-strength J2EE architecture
  • Integrated, industry-leading font integrity
  • High reliability, high availability
  • Real-time font-usage tracking by user and more
  • AD/OD directory services integration
  • Simple single point of administration

Unrivaled Performance Saves Everyone Time

FontAgent Pro 5’s J2EE-based, multi, multi-threaded architecture is designed for speed:

  • Simply drop fonts into FontAgent Pro to test their integrity and receive a diagnosti report
  • Add fonts to your collections at speeds that embarrass the competition
  • Drag fonts and sets onto groups of users to distribute them in seconds
  • Sync clients to your server at speeds 8 to 10 times faster that Extensis UTS
  • Save bandwidth continuously with FontAgent Pro’s unique network traffic optimization

Want to make your users happy? FontAgent Pro activates their fonts with greater accuracy and more than double the speed of Extensis UTS, and it is 10 to 20 times faster than the intolerable sluggishness of Extensis UTS remote activation. So with FontAgent Pro, everyone—users, font admins, and system administrators—save valuable time every day.

Proven in the World’s Largest Organizations

After evaluating alternatives, the largest and most demanding corporations, agencies and educational institutions use FontAgent Pro Server to manage and distribute fonts. It’s the right choice for everyone in your organization.

  • Users enjoy the industry’s fastest, easiest solution for requesting and managing fonts
  • Purchasing and legal groups departments can track font purchases and usage to minimize licensing costs and avoid legal problems
  • Managers improve productivity and ensure consistency across creative teams
  • IT groups get the world’s most dependable, fastest, cost-effective and scalable font server

System Recommendations and Support

  • Networked Apple MacPro, MacMini or Xserve computer
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion)
  • 1 GB of memory and 100 MB of disk space
  • One-click installer for font server and J2EE
  • Supports PostScript Type 1, OpenType, dfont, and Mac and Windows TrueType font formats.
  • Connects to Mac and Windows users

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